Capturing your Story

WEBSITE & LOGO design for small businesses, FAMILY PHOTOGRAPHY & film • guernsey


Let’s capture your love for life

Love for your family

Love for your newborn baby

Love for the small business you’re building, doing work that you adore


Hey, I’m Steph

I’m a storyteller and a creative soul. As I child I was always writing stories, designing invitations for my friends to come over for dinner and photographing my life on a little pink digital camera. As I got older, my love for all things digital manifested itself through making websites about absolutely anything and snapping away on my camera during family moments, especially when my niece and nephew (also known as my “little squishes”) were born. I couldn’t believe how quickly they grew up and wanted to capture every little yawn and gummy smile!

When I realised how blissfully happy I felt doing these things, I decided to do them as much possible. Every day in fact! So I work from home in Guernsey, capturing personal stories of love and life through photography, and stories of small business owners like myself through website, logo and brand design. I surround myself with lovely people, plant (and human) babies and rainbows at any chance. Oh and cake. Always cake!

Now it’s time to tell your story

Let’s build that beautiful website that you’ve been putting off, at a price you can afford

Let’s create a cohesive brand to attract your dream clients.

Let’s photograph those special moments before time runs away with you.