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Natural Newborn Session

Capture your newborn’s first days of life and all their sweet tiny details, ideally at 7-14 days old whilst they’re still sleepy! Shoots take place in the comfort of your own home and are completely baby led. No posing, just capturing baby in the perfect way they are. Parents and siblings are welcome too! Gift vouchers available here. Booking in advance of birth is recommended to maximise chances of availability at newborn age.

Newborn Photography Session £145 | 1-2 hour shoot | ALL photographs (Digital copies)

Newborn Film Session £160 | 1-2 hour shoot | 3-4 min film edited to music

About Natural Newborn Sessions

Since I became an auntie, I have had a whole new level of appreciation (and broodiness!) for new little people and the amazing, awe-inspiring effect they have on those who love them. They bring families together in a way that not much else does, and they create SO much love around them.

Over the years I have seen more and more photographs of newborns being posed in rather bizarre and unnatural positions, in a basket made of cabbage and strange things like that! I personally don’t resonate with this style of newborn photography and I know what it’s like for parents in the first two weeks of their baby’s life: emotional, difficult, painful, overwhelming. Leaving the house feels like a huge achievement. And whilst many parents would love photos of their newborns whilst they’re still tiny, the thought of going to a studio under bright lights, taking nappies and muslins and bottles and changes of clothes, is enough to put a lot of parents off.

This is why I offer Natural Newborn Sessions, in the comfort of your own home, with no posing or props. Just capturing your baby and your family just the way you are.

When I look at the babies in my life, it’s their little yawns, their tiny fingers and toes, the way they naturally curl up as if they are still in the womb, that melt my heart in a puddle on the floor! There’s something really special about capturing a newborn baby, parents and siblings in their home environment. That’s where you’ll spend your most quality time together. Capturing your connection in the place that brings you together is an absolute joy and you will get photos and film to cherish forever.

Steph did a Natural Newborn family shoot and was amazing with all three children! She managed to get some lovely natural pictures and was so patient.
— Lyndsey ♥ Natural Newborn Photography Session

Frequently Asked Questions

+ Will you use props or pose my baby?

Whilst there are a lot of talented studio newborn photographers out there who have an amazing collection of props and ways that they pose newborns, it's just not my style. I love photographing newborns just as they are, whether that's being held in their parents' or siblings' arms, curling up in their cot to sleep, or enjoying their freedom having a wriggle around on a bed! I won't ever pose your baby or force them into any strange positions and I tend to shoot without props unless there is something you would really like to be in the photo.

+ Do you use lighting or shoot with natural light?

I am a natural light photographer and especially believe that with newborn babies, artificial/studio lighting and camera flash can be really obtrusive and uncomfortable for baby. I will ask you to have a quick scout of your house to find the room with the most natural light and ideally I will photograph/film baby in front of a window, on a bed/sofa/somewhere comfortable.

+ What should we wear for the session?

The most important thing for me is that baby is comfortable, and you're comfortable too. I would suggest avoiding black or dark clothing and instead wear something light, neutral, or pastel coloured as these shades make the photos and films look extra beautiful. But please dress baby in something they're comfortable in. Most parents opt for a sleepsuit/babygrow for newborn sessions.

+ When should I book a newborn session for?

I would recommend booking your newborn session before baby arrives to maximise chances of availability. Newborn sessions work best when baby is between 7-14 days old, so I would suggest booking your session for a date that falls then. However we all know that babies can be little pickles and not always arrive when expected, so if this date needs to be shifted, let me know as soon as you can and we'll arrange an alternative date.

+ What if baby is older than 14 days?

Newborns are much easier to photograph and film whilst they're still sleepy and brand new, but if baby is older than 14 days and you'd still like a photo or film session, that's no problem at all. If baby is older than 6 weeks, I would recommend waiting until the next milestone age (3 months) when they're a bit more settled.

+ How many photos will we get and in what format?

I give all photos in digital format, sent by email, so that you have the freedom to use, share or print them in whichever way you choose. The Natural Newborn Session price includes copies of all the edited photographs, but definitely a minimum of 20.

+ I'm interested in a Natural Newborn Film Session. What does this involve?

Oh I just love film sessions! There's something about video that adds another level of emotion and captures even more details and interaction between baby and their family. I will come along to your house for 1-2 hours and film your newborn just as they are - their sweet little movements, facial expressions, curling fingers and toes! I will capture interactions between your family. If you have other children, you may want to do an activity with them and your baby, such as reading a story or playing in the garden. Essentially I will be a fly on the wall to some quality family time, and edit the footage in a montage style to music. You will then have a very special, emotional little 3-4 min film of precious family moments in the first few weeks of your baby's life.